So, you have just raised a car, and it is making you feel energetic again. You might probably have repainted it to test or cover the paintwork with one of those trendy products about ceramic paint coating. You might have even touched the interior of your car, making it more comfortable. However, you feel your car can do more. You feel there are some gadgets and features to add to your vehicle to make it trendy and customizable according to your taste. Don’t you? Here are the top trendy car accessories for 2020. 

Dashboard Camera: 

Dashboard camera serves a witness; they tell incidents the way things happen. It would do a better job convincing insurance companies about how accidents happen. That is more credible than words of mouth. With a live video feed on your dashboard from your rearview camera, you can really understand what you have behind you, since “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.” 

Car charger: 

What is a big boy or big girl without a charged phone? You need a car charger that you can plug to your car and phone. Luckily, even the best fast-charging devices are not expensive. You can get the charger with double charging spot; there’s always that friend who always hunts for your charger. 

Bluetooth Receiver: 

Who still looks for car disks or cassette these days? And you know, the radio might just not have the right music for you. So, you need to connect your music player to your stereo, blasting your favorite music. A Bluetooth receiver makes your audio system compatible with a Bluetooth device, and you can be in control of your playlist.

Cargo Carrier: 

Road trips are only fun when you have enough friends and enough to park. A cargo carrier is an external attachment that you can stick out on the roof of your car and put in your load while you make more room available inside your car for comfort.

Hand-held vacuum cleaner: 

Your interior needs to be carefully cleaned. And you don’t have to always get out to spend some dough to that. A portable car vacuum cleaner will save you a lot. You can clean your set, car floors, and carpets with this tool. 

Air Purifier: 

An air purifier cleans up the air in your vehicle. A highly recommended product is one that freshens up the air and sucks out bad air from your car.